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Keeping it Tidy

Keeping it Tidy

I had just finished the first episode of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and I immediately thought of all the clothes, books, sentimental items, papers and Komono that we had laying around that did NOT spark joy. I realized that our home was filled with versions of half-colored sheets of school work, dresses that I will fit into “someday” and so many books on our shelves that were left in our home by the previous owner… they weren’t even ours. Whoops.

I have to admit, I do get a little over-zealous with things like this, or so I’ve been told. I’ll never forget my senior year in college, an advisor told me that and it stopped me in my tracks. What on Earth?! I get too excited about things?! Is that even possible?! Rude.

After diving into the Spark Joy book that I had bought 3 years ago as a prop for a bookshelf (sorry not sorry), I learned that I needed to “thank” and get rid of everything that did not spark joy in my home. It’s not an easy process and we aren’t even halfway through but I did want to share because it’s a big deal for us.

We deviated from the Konmari plan a bit to make it our own and realized that we have been doing this for the past year or so. Naturally (get it) I started while I was still at home with the kids, by getting all the chemical products out of our home and replacing everything with Thieves Household Cleaner (THC). It’s ultra concentrated plant-powered-magic in a bottle and it’s cheaper than anything out there. I started using it in place of the stainless steel cleaners, wood cleaners, glass cleaners and glass-cooktop cleaners. I even replaced our Swiffers with the kind you can add your own solution to. It’s so crazy that I bought all of those cleaning products in the first place but “they” make you think it’s what you need, especially with an older house.

For me, THC was a bit of a gateway (I couldn’t help it) into the wild world of essential oils. Now we are cleaning up our toiletries, bath and body products, my makeup, kid products - you name it. I’ve become so much more savvy when it comes to reading labels and ultimately trusting that a product is what it says it is! With all the green-washing going around, it’s important to be ultra aware of what certain ingredients are made for instead of just bringing a product into your house because it had the word “natural” on the label or because it is more expensive. Just being honest.

I will say, we are far from perfect. I have yet to find a natural mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes and I’m positive we haven’t made a ton of progress when it comes to limiting our kids sugar intake. My kids love Chick-Fil-A (because they are human) and we sometimes overindulge with wine. Baby steps! We are trying and it’s a journey friends! Not a race. No judgement. Just encouragement.

So now instead of cabinets full of cleaning products, we have some glass spray bottles with Thieves in a few rooms, homemade cleaning wipes and even natural laundry products. Actually plant-based, not just “clean and clear”. All I’m saying is, start with your cleaning products and do your research. YOU control what comes in and out of your home. You are the gatekeeper and it’s time to start keeping your home tidy with products that don’t poison you.

Yikes so I may have gone a little overboard but I’m serious and so passionate about this stuff. More on our “tidying up” progress soon but for now, go check out THC and report back!


I'm back

I'm back