Tuesday Tea: Grace not Perfection

22 Apr

You may have noticed that I’ve only been posting on Tuesdays and that it’s been pretty slow going over here on the blog.  I don’t really have a good excuse other than to say that I’m incredibly busy and whenever it gets busy around here, the blog is usually the first thing to get kicked to the curb.  As much as I love sharing our good finds, funny toddler stories and recipes, I can’t keep it up when things get hectic.  I barely have time to make dinner nevertheless take a perfectly focused and well laid-out photo of the cooking process to add to a recipe post later in the week (major props to those of you who make it happen!)

Here are my top three things at the moment:

1.  Wife and Mama duties…  No need to explain this one.

2.  I have a full time job – like, a real one that I went to grad school for that has a really good retirement plan (with people that I happen to love).

3.  Last but far from least, I just started a business.  WHAT!?  Shut the front door!  Yes.  It’s true… I’m a “hustlin’ mama”.  It’s pretty legit and it’s making a difference in the world (check it out here).

I would say that those three things are totally kicking my butt.  I have been a bit of a perfectionist which isn’t helping much and is the real issue here.  My family says it’s a type of OCD but I’m here to tell you that while the cleanliness of my house, cuteness of my wardrobe and cookie-icing skills are far from perfect, I have a vision for how I’d like things to be and I try really hard to make it happen within my means.  This can drive anyone insane.  I’ve been taking a few steps back recently and really taking Emily Ley’s words to heart:

grace not perfection

 If you haven’t heard of Emily Ley, please stop reading this immediately and click on the image above.  Not only are her products fantastic but her insight and style is spot on.  In the dictionary, Grace is defined as “simple elegance” and I’ve decided that’s what I’m going for.  I think that’s always been an underlying goal of mine, it’s just never been stated quite so simply.  I’ve been drowning in the idea of what a perfect wife, mama, sister, daughter, friend, employee, entrepreneur and woman looks like.  It’s undoubtedly made me more of the opposite and thinking like that will drive you nuts.  It’s impossible.

Rather than trying to take all of that on, I’m working towards small goals and making sure that I am intentional about my time especially when it is spent with those I love.  I have been cutting out things that complicate and replacing them with simple things or nothing at all.  MissionCute has stayed simple and I believe that’s part of the success thus far.  I find items made with love to include in our boxes, and our Community chooses our monthly Nonprofit Partners.  Simple & graceful.  I’m slowly becoming okay with the fact that I can’t do it all.

All of this to say, I’m certainly a work in progress but I know this is a step in the right direction.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Thank you for joining us during our link up today and please share your thoughts!


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  • http://www.lisalovesjohn.blogspot.com/ Lisa Pray

    Grace, not perfection – such a well put reminder!

  • http://reasonstocomehome.com/ Paige @ Reasons to Come Home

    Simple & graceful sounds perfect! But I understand the struggle. I often wonder how other wives (I’m not a mother) handle a full time job and blog. I can’t imagine adding a child and running another business into that mix! You are doing a wonderful job!

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  • http://www.wearflowersinyourhair.com/ Nina B

    Samantha…first I have to tell you that this month’s box was AH MAY ZING!!!! Secondly, I really struggle with grace vs perfection and I don’t have nearly the amount of responsibilities that you do. I think honesty is so refreshing because sometimes women and bloggers try to seem like they can do it all and to be honest, that’s hard for me to read because I just think, I will never be able to be that kind of Mom. I will never be able to that kind of wife. For example, I baked with my four year old sister for easter and let’s just say things were not “pretty.” I am going to blog about it though. I was going to call it Cake Pop Failure but my stepmom (a woman who loves the Lord) suggested Cake Pop Misadventures :) Anyway, thank you for sharing. xo


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