The Ledfords

This site was created so that our friends and family can check in on how things are going but its open for the world to get a peek of what life looks like from a Ledford point of view.  From our “I Do’s” to our dog(s) and even babies someday …  I’ll keep this updated with our times and trials so check in and don’t be a stranger!

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It’s certainly OUR website but as you can tell, Chad isn’t a big poster.  He does more of the behind-the-scenes stuff like eat all of the food I make from the recipes, critique my craft projects and most importantly, the SEO.  He’s basically an Internet Genius so I totally take advantage of his knowledge by asking him noob things like, “Chad!  What’s the code for a page break?!”  He is so patient.  Love that man!

About me:

I’m a 30-something (I’ll never get used to that) who loves all fine things like Target, valet service, sushi and whipped cream flavored vodka.  I love this blog too.  I started it when we got married about 6 years ago and just got around to getting it back up and running like a good mommy blogger lady.  I love sharing life as a wife, pregnant wife, mommy and woman so keep in touch!

Thanks for checking in and come back soon!

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