Tuesday Tea: Grace not Perfection

22 Apr

You may have noticed that I’ve only been posting on Tuesdays and that it’s been pretty slow going over here on the blog.  I don’t really have a good excuse other than to say that I’m incredibly busy and whenever it gets busy around here, the blog is usually the first thing to get kicked to […]

Five on Friday: Peas February!

28 Feb

So I’m not huge on wishing the time away but I have to say, I’m so glad February is over.  What a month!  Snow storms, 70* weather, late nights and early mornings… time for a nice relaxing spring.  I’m so ready! Here is my 5 on Friday list from this week!  Linking up this Friday […]

My New Venture!

22 Jan

After a months of planning, gallons of coffee and lots (and lots) of anticipation, the day has come to announce my big new venture!  I’m so excited, I could just burst!  I am surrounded by big movers and shakers who have inspired me to make something happen.  My husband is the brains behind some pretty […]


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