Autumn Engagement Party

4 Nov

This past weekend, we hosted an engagement party for some very dear friends.  One of my husband’s best friends from growing up proposed so we had to celebrate!  We have known about his plans to propose for a long time now and he surprised her during her trip to Disney… so adorable!  Chad and (Travis) Page were friends in high school and the rest is history.   He is a sweet guy and his fiance Mel is so much fun – I super excited for her to officially (and permanently) join the wife-club in our circle of friends, I’m tired of being one of the only ones!  

Chad’s and his friends are all about the vodka-popcorn parties so the frills of an actual engagement party were not permitted.  I did my best keeping it “manly” but come on!  What’s an engagement party without some tassel-garlands and paper straws!?  Ahem, thank you Pinterest and Etsy.  I was not allowed to plan any games or give any sappy speeches so the least I could do was make it look good.  

The last party we hosted was Mason’s 1st birthday… almost a year ago… so I went a little crazy with the details and I had a BLAST.  My love for party planning and decorating came flooding back into my life and now I’m planning our next shin-dig.  Because, why not?


I found the tassel garland kits from The Flair Exchange and now that I know how to make them, I’ll be doing it myself next time!


Balloons and photos… big thanks to Pinterest for this crowd-pleaser!

On the dinner menu we had a Chili Bar and Wings (man-favorites) and for dessert we had homemade donut skewers that I made again from my Grandma’s recipe!


There was also a S’Mores Bar next to the fire pit!

smore close up

The drink bar was the most popular place with spiked cider, Woodford Reserve, cigars, beer and Barefoot bubbly!


The spiked cider was the easiest thing in the world and also the most delicious.  Just a bottle of apple cider and dark rum to taste.  I added some homemade apple chips as a garnish and served it cold.  So yummy and festive!

spiked cider

woodford and cigars

Chad and his men love some bourbon so I jazzed mini bottles up with paper straws from Dress My Cupcake and personalized flags from The Clever Marten!


 We had a time capsule set up for the party where everyone had to write out where they are now (in life) and where they will be in ten years.  I also requested that everyone make predictions about everyone else… I’m really looking forward to 2023 now!  I want to know what everyone wrote! 

time capsule

Last but not least, we filled mason jars up with our left over Halloween candy and used them as party favors! 

By the end of the night, everyone was huddled together outside around the fire-pit, roasting marshmallows and making their time capsule predictions.  It was a great time and we are over the moon with excitement for these two love birds!


PS My DSLR is out of commission and I totally forgot to snap more photos… bad blogger, I know!  Please accept my apologies for the iPhone photos!   


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  • Mel

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!! This was awesome and we loved all of your DIY touches :) xoxo

  • Mariel C.

    Oh my goodness, you are the hostess with the mostest! What a fabulous party! I need to learn how to make those tassel garlands…maybe we can have a crafting lunch break one day soon?

  • Renee’

    I want a doughnut skewer – great idea! Love all the decorations, I’ve been wanting to do the balloon and picture idea for a while too!


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