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Tuesday Tea: A Swine Evening 2014

3 Jun

Happy Tuesday!  I wanted to take this opportunity to share about an amazing Nonprofit organization that is here in Charlotte, A Child’s Place (ACP).  I became involved with ACP when it was voted to be MissionCute‘s February Nonprofit Partner and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  They work with homeless children in the Charlotte area […]

Tuesday Tea: Sitting Out

13 May

 Happy Tuesday!  It’s been a wild couple of weeks here at the Ledford House.  We’ve been travelling, working, battling a flood in our living room (yes… damaged hardwoods), prepping for MissionCute Ship Day and oh ya, raising a two year old!  In light of this fiasco, I’m going to sit this Tuesday out.  I’ll be […]

Tuesday Tea: Mothers Day

6 May

As a very proud Mama of an amazing little man, all I really want for Mothers Day is some extra cuddle time.  I mean… wouldn’t you want to cuddle with this?  Although I don’t want anything and really don’t need anything, I thought I would share some special finds that I think would add something […]

Tuesday Tea: Emergency Box

29 Apr

Happy Tuesday everyone!  In light of the recent line of storms sweeping over the country, I wanted to share the items in my emergency box.  Yes.  I have an emergency box.  Charlotte isn’t exactly Tornado Alley but we have had our fair share of flooding, hurricanes and intense storms (see our favorite car ever being […]

Tuesday Tea: Grace not Perfection

22 Apr

You may have noticed that I’ve only been posting on Tuesdays and that it’s been pretty slow going over here on the blog.  I don’t really have a good excuse other than to say that I’m incredibly busy and whenever it gets busy around here, the blog is usually the first thing to get kicked to […]


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