An Incredible Halloween

1 Nov

This was our first year with true-blue trick-or-treaters at our very own house decorated in our very own Halloween decorations and pumpkins and the whole nine yards. SO exciting. It was also Mason’s first Halloween and so we had to go big. Incredibly big. You may have guessed it already but we dressed up as the Incredibles and it was a hit. I was Elasti-Girl, Chad was Mr. Incredible and Mason was Jack-Jack (fitting right?!). We had a hard time finding an appropriate costume for him that wasn’t a million dollars. I searched for Jack Jack costumes and came across this onesie and paired it with some red & black socks and these red pants to complete the look. PERFECT!

Look how crazy cute he is!

I’m fairly certain this costume would be easy to make with some time, a red onesie, felt, glue and some scissors.  It’s probably cheaper to make it yourself as well!!  You could also pick up an iron-on transfer and just iron the logo onto the shirt.  Easy Peasy.

We “gelled” his hair with vasoline to keep it standing up like Jack Jack’s and he played the part well. I’m suprised he didn’t start levitating or bursting into flames – if any baby would suddenly be a “super-baby” it would be Mason. I always feel like the babysitter in the movie so this theme was perfect.

Jack-Jack Attack. from gabrielhalivon on Vimeo.

Our trick-or-treaters started showing up around 6PM and Chad held Mason while I passed out the candy. The little kids got a kick out of the costumes… one dressed as Pikachu even asked Chad if he was “the strong one” too cute.

This was also the perfect opportunity to meet some new neighbors and make friends. There were several young couples with young babies that lived really close to us and they seemed totally down-to-earth, walking around with mugs of beer and flashlights. I couldn’t figure out a way to say “BE OUR FRIENDS!” without sounding desperate so I just held it in. Maybe I should have some sort of party and invite them? Oh suburbia… so complicated!

Chad was really pumped about a recent return that had arrived at the 3tailer office just in time for Halloween … Creepy Cathy. For the record, this is a prop for a HAUNTED HOUSE, not a friendly neighborhood trick or treat stop but whatevs. It’s basically a life-size replica of the girl from the ring movie. So just picture her standing in the shadows, moving around, while 4-8 year olds walk by to ring our doorbell.

Some kids actually really liked it and they were all like, “WE LOVE YOUR ZOMBIE GIRL!!” and one friendly neighbor said that it would be really creepy if they got a phone call the next day that said, “7 days…” To be honest, there was really only one Momma who clearly did not appreciate the creepiness. She was very nice but a little creeped out and made sure she told us that it was the “scariest halloween decoration she had ever seen.” This made Chad extremely happy.  Ew.

Our favorite costumes were the two month old Raggedy-Ann (so adorable) and the 2 year old Rapunzel. We had a full-blown werewolf show up too and he looked totally awesome. We did have some creepster teenagers dressed as bloody baseball players but the entire thing was over by 9pm.   We didn’t get as many visitors as we thought we were going to get, maybe because it was a school night or because it was unseasonably cold.  Personally, I think it was creepy cathy… either way, we had a blast and Mason’s first Halloween was incredible!


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  • Donna

    Amazing costumes!! I have been struggling to find a jack jack baby costume and the link you sent is out of stock-:( I was wondering if unwanted to sell it and your adult costumes as well. My baby is a wearing 12 months now. Thank you

    • Samantha

      Donna – I’m so sorry that the link on our site is sold out. We had a crazy time finding a Jack Jack costume too. I have actually framed the onesie and put it up in his room along with other sentimental stuff so it’s not for sale but… I was actually going to make it myself just using an iron-on decal. I know there are some on – you could purchase the logo and then iron it on to a red onesie. I hope this helps – it was a really fun costume. I will check this weekend to see if I can get the adult costumes out to send your way. I will be in touch!

      • Donna

        Thank you so much we have a family of 5 so if i buy all them new its getting very pricey. Your help would be much appreciated!


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