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25 Oct

I think it’s going to be a chilly Halloween and I’m so excited!  I am really looking forward to Halloween this year for several reasons.  Primarily, 21-month-old Mason is so much fun and I really think he is going to love all of the costumes and handing out candy this year!  I’m also excited because I made my costume (ahem) and I’m pretty pumped about how it came out.  Lastly, I’m just excited about this holiday season!  Baking, decorating, parties, family time… it’s all wonderful and I’m looking forward to every second.  Here are my fave fives this week, enjoy!


Mrs. McAfee’s Quiche.  For a late 30th birthday surprise, one of my colleagues brought me a homemade quiche this week…so sweet!


Before she came into my life I had no idea that I liked quiche, I’m not even sure that I knew what quiche was.  When she brings it to the office, it’s gone in a matter of seconds, it’s so good and so easy to make.  Whats even better is that you can make it ahead of time and freeze it – pop it in the oven when you need and voila!  You’ve got an awesome breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack on the table.  Here is the recipe for the BEST quiche ever!


 Our 2013 Halloween Decorations!  

monsters featured

I cut these bad boys out, put them in the windows and I have to say, I’m pretty pumped about them!  They look totally awesome from the street and they are reusable!  Here is the tutorial – seriously, if you are stuck on Halloween decorations this year, this project was crazy easy.  For $15 you can’t go wrong!


Homemade donuts… from scratch!

finished bacon rack pin

My parents came in to town last weekend and my Dad taught my Sister and I how to make donuts with my Grandma Wendel’s famous donut recipe!  I’m finishing up the post for next week with the delicious details.  My Sister and I decided to cover them with maple coffee icing and add some bacon… everything is better with bacon right?! 


Black Box Wine

black box

Far from Franzia, Black Box Wine is HANDS-DOWN the bomb dot com.  Practically four bottles in one box, it stays fresh for up to a month and you don’t have to worry about pumping it!  We picked it up at Costco and it’s at the local grocery store too for about $20.  It’s really good.  I’ve had the Cabernet Sauvingon and the Chardonnay. Go get a box this afternoon, just trust me!



Wood burning fireplaces…


This was a huge selling point for us when we bought this house.  Our condo had gas logs and the convenience was nice but there is just something heart warming and cozy about a true-blue wood burning fireplace.  The crackling of the wood and the aroma of the whole thing is just what I needed yesterday after a long day at work.  Add some falling snow and hot chocolate and I would have been in Heaven!

It’s now been a month since I’ve joined the Five on Friday link-up and I’ve had so much fun connecting with everyone and sharing my five favorites every week!  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and Happy {early} Halloween!

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  • gracewhitlock

    Those donuts. YUM!!

  • Renee’

    Love a good quiche – so many options. Cardboardeaux? Haha!

  • Elise Houston

    HOLY DOUGHNUTS! those look amazing!!! plus the fire?! AAAAAA. and quiche?! PERF. we lit our first fire last night too!!! :)


  • Ashley B

    The donuts look amazing, and the decorations are so fun and festive! Thanks for sharing! :) Visiting from the 5 on Friday linkup!


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